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September 16, 2007

Comcast Intervention

Nobody likes them. They're the company we love to hate...they just make it so easy. Yet maybe that's an issue; we've all been complaining about Comcast for so long, but has anybody tried to help them?  Ultimately, if we all band together, declare corporate jihad, and sink the company doesn't somebody else just as bad come along?  Take a second and acknowledge, as hard as it may be, that you've had some good times with Comcast -- when it's working, the content they deliver is great and you've probably spent quite a bit of time enjoying it, the internet is fast enough to let us all get online and complain about them. Now don't get me wrong, i'm not defending them, I've had as many issues with them as the next customer but I think there may be another way for all of us to approach it. I think the question it comes down to is this;

Personally, we over at the Cword think what they need is an intervention.  Instead of trying to kill the brand, perhaps we can use the newfound collective consumer power to resurrect it. Comcast is an brand addicted to bad habits and desperately in need of an intervention. They need a collective mass not to try and bring them down, but to help them figure out where they've gone wrong and how it can be corrected. Remember, the relationships we share with brands are a two-way street and perhaps it is time that we band together to help Comcast elevate above a utility and become the service provider they could be. We'll be updating this space over the next few days as we develop a Comcast Intervention site and challenge anybody out there who would like to find solutions to get involved.

Comcast, this is also an open invitation to you to get involved. We're sure there are enough people out there with great suggestions and ways to help you become less of an antagonist, but you've got to embrace it. If you're reading this, get in touch and get involved.


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