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September 07, 2007

Earning Forgiveness (and Brand of the Week)

Two of the hardest words for any person or brand to say are "I'm sorry" especially when they're genuine.  Even more difficult is demonstrating those two words.  I don't think there's anybody out there who would disagree that Apple has established itself as a great friend to a great many people, which is why their little iPhone price drop came as such a surprise.

Does it shock you when you sign up for a cable/internet package and get a mailer two weeks later with a promotion offering your services for half the price, which of course is only available to new customers. Sure it makes you angry, but then again you've come to expect it.Appleapology

Out of the 128 brands we just researched, Apple finds itself squarely within the top 10 most valued friends and showed us why yesterday. Good friends aren't infallible, but they always know how to earn the right to be forgiven. This open letter from Steve Jobs to the entire Apple community (we've found around the offices here that non-iPhone owning Apple lovers felt betrayed by the act) is transparent, honest, and genuinely apologetic.  Unlike Mattel's recent snafu, it doesn't simply ask for forgiveness but offers a (rather costly) gesture.

Apple friends everywhere are now proudly saying "Apple is great.  They make the world a better place, now if only every company cared for its customers like this..." Yes, that's an actual quote, and there's many more like it out there   This week Apple showed us why it is so important for good friends to know how to earn forgiveness.


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