August 24, 2007

Soulmate or Enslavement Brand?

AppleattSure, Apple is a soulmate brand. Just ask George Holtz. And while many of us want an iphone because of how we feel about the brand (and the fact the product itself is sexy as hell), the fact is that the iphone brand, in its current form today with ATT as its sole provider, has a slightly different relationship than that of Apple in its purest form. What could have been a best friend or soulmate relationship has morphed into one that feels more like a forced or enslavement relationship that I don't necessarily want to enter into, despite the beauty and functionality of the phone itself. It's like when you get to go out to dinner with a great friend you have an extremely close relationship with, but have to put up with her boorish husband. You may put up with it, but the overall experience and relationship is ultimately compromised. Apple may have had to initially limit their options but they certainly need to understand the impact of their decisions to the Apple brand. Hopefully they will decide to remove the handcuffs, freeing the people who love them to revel in the product with whatever provider they choose....until that time and since I don't know how to solder, I'll decline the dinner invitation and stay with my friend Blackberry.

By Karen Evans